Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Type the following letters to make some cool moves depending on the clothes you’re wearing or the rooms you’re in or show pictures in bubbles above your head:

Penguin Moves and Bubbles:

B – to say goodbye

D to…

–  hover (with your propeller hat on)

– make a cup of coffee with the green apron on

– wave a red flag (at a bull!)  with the waistcoat on

– use a drill with the hard-hat on

– or dance around (works better on the iceberg)

J – to tell a Joke (you can keep clicking it for different jokes but only you can see this)

N – to say No

T – to throw a snowball – use the mouse to move the target

W – to wave – keep pressing it to wave quickly (only you can see this)  or if you wearing your tour guide hat, to show the “Tours here” sign

Y – to say Yes

Also, use the arrow keys to turn your penguin around left, right, back and front.

Emoticons Shortcuts

E and B > Lightbulb

E and C > Cup of Coffee

E and D > Sun

E and F > Flower

E and G > joystick

E and H > Heart

E and I > Igloo

E and K > Cake

E and L > Clover Leaf

E and M > Money

E and N > Night

E and O > Pop Corn

E and P > Puffle

E and Q > Ice Cream

E and T > Tune (sounds like a fart)

E and U > Face

E and W > Chocolate ice Cream

E and Z > Pizza

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  1. thnx this helped me and my m8s i hatto sent sum thnx u da best

  2. You messed up on E and Q its strawberry ice cream (:

  3. Hi my name is Sheimi and I am a big fan of Club Penguin. I have been enjoying the Fall Fair games, and would it be possible for you to tell me when the next water party is? Because I saw some pictures of it and it looked absolutely fantastic, and I really want to get the chance to go to one. I hope you can help.
    Kind regards,
    Sheimi x

  4. awesome!!!
    my friends say thanks to you 4 all these hints :))

  5. Thanks, these are gonna save me some time!

  6. Hi i am a big fan of clubpenguin as well and i really like the tune that sounds like a fart.

  7. i really luv cp and its a great site but i want more coins. im going all over the internet looking for glitches and cheats that still work.i know its not good but i want more coins!

  8. Can the other penguins hear u fart thought????
    I don’t know how to spell that well Tee Hee

  9. You forgot ten!

    E and 1 = face 🙂

    E and 2 = face 🙂 (pretty much the same)

    E and 3 = face :l

    E and 4 = face 🙁

    E and 5 = :0

    E and 6 = 😛

    E and 7 = 😉

    E and 8 = throw up face

    E and 9 = :X

    E and 0 = sad face

  10. MY keyboard doen’t work on any of the games and i am getting pissed!!

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